Evening Newspaper 20 August Elif Bilir Interview

These jewelry have a story


1-Can you tell us a little bit about the story of the Lucky Cultire brand?
LuckyCulture; was born when the paths of two women who wanted to quit corporate life and start and create their own business crossed. This business, which we started as a hobby, grew spontaneously with the emerging designs and stories and Lucky Culture became a well-known and loved brand in a short time.

2- It is known that you manage the brand as two partners. What are the advantages of being two partners in the creation process for the brand?
First of all, you never feel alone. When you encounter a negative or positive situation, there is always someone to support you and share your feelings. In our opinion, this is the biggest advantage of being a partner. Apart from this, of course, the vision of 2 people enables much more creative jewelry to emerge. The originality increases even more when one of our ideas is combined with the other's.

3- The slogan of your brand is "Jewelry with a story", from where did you choose this slogan as an inspiration?
Before we started this business, before we decided on the designs, we decided on the stories. Many of our designs were born and shaped by their stories. In our opinion, a necklace should not be just a necklace. It should offer a feeling and privilege with its story to the person who will wear it. When stories became our starting point, our motto inevitably became "Jewelry with a story".

4- Can you talk a little bit about your collections?
There is an incredible history, culture and material on Turkish soil. Also, one of our families comes from antiques business. When this is the case, it remains for us to take advantage of this wealth. Ancient Anatolian Civilizations, universal symbols, sacred geometry, and natural stones, which are important parts of nature, form the cornerstones of our collections.

5- When we look at your collections, we see that they carry Turkish motifs and symbols. Do you plan to represent our country with these designs on the international platform in the future?
Unfortunately, the richness of Turkish culture and lands do not see the value they deserve in the world. In this way, of course, we would love to contribute to the promotion of our country's history and culture and to represent our country. We have also started work on this.

6- Let's talk about the crystal collection. How do crystals nourish the human spirit?
As we mentioned before, crystals and natural stones are indispensable for us. The biggest reason for this is that their structures are unique and unique like human DNA. This gives us the opportunity to create beautiful stories. In addition, they all have their own energies, properties and benefits. In this way, you can use what you need, nourish and benefit from it. Crystals do not end with explaining, but we can say that these building blocks, which are the miracle of nature, really provide endless benefits to human beings.

7- In addition to the women's collection, you also have a men's collection called Raw, can you talk a little bit about that?
We think that there is a deficit in men's jewelry in Turkey. Men care much more about their clothing, looks and accessories than before. Since our men's collection is very simple and daily, it can be used comfortably by many men. They are preferred as much as women's jewelry.

8- Was it a risky decision for you to prepare a men's collection as more women prefer jewelry?
On the contrary, the lack of competition in men's jewelry gave us an advantage. In the near future, we will expand our men's collection and debut with many more models.