All Magazine - November 2015

All Magazine November 2015


The designs of Lucky Culture, the brand of Yonca Akbayrak and Beste Cesur, which inspired ancient Anatolian civilizations, important symbols in the history of humanity, and natural stones, each of which has a different energy, are the kind that will break the boringness of daily life.
Posted by Ipek Ozcan


Can we get a brief story of Lucky Culture from you?
We were very tired of corporate life, working for others, it was our biggest dream to do, create and enjoy our own business. Finally, we gathered the courage to realize this dream and created the Lucky Culture brand. Combined with one of us's Sultanahmet background, the other's education in fashion management and his fondness for jewellery, our job became easier. This business, which we started as a hobby at first, started to grow at a speed that we did not anticipate. Especially the ancient Anatolian civilizations, important symbols in the history of humanity and natural stones, each of which has a different energy, have been our greatest sources of inspiration. When these inspirations were combined with the right stories, Lucky Culture's jewelry came out.


Do you have any design or fashion training? How did the idea of ​​Lucky Culture come about?
We have come a long way in a short time thanks to Sultanahmet, the Grand Bazaar and Çuhacı Han, where our workshop is located, which is considered the center of jewelry in Turkey and is a great source of inspiration in every corner. We believe that we make up for our lack of design education by using our environment, experience and creativity correctly, following the trends and working really hard. Frankly, we didn't plan ahead, and we didn't even anticipate that if we go back a year and a half ago, we would do this job one day. We just wanted to do a business where we could use our creativity, environment and experience. Of course, it was very important for us to have fun while doing our own work. Lucky Culture proved that good things happen when the right time, the right place and the right people come together.


What is the difference of Luck Culture in this period when there are so many jewelry designers and brands?
Jewelry has been indispensable for women since the earliest civilizations. It still continues to be so. This makes it even more attractive to design jewelry and create a jewelry brand. When this is the case, it becomes difficult to stand out, to be liked and to be recognized. At this point, we think we have taken the right steps as Lucky Culture. You can find a necklace everywhere, but you don't always come across a necklace with a story that identifies with you, find a piece of yourself, and feel good when you wear it. For us, every jewelery must have a story. The person who buys our product should actually buy that story. These lands we live on, which are very rich in cultural and historical openings, offer us endless stories. All natural stones have their own characteristics and stories. All we have to do is feed our jewelry with these stories. This is where we think we differ.


What should we invest in the most this season?
Natural stones that we admire and use frequently will appear again this season. In particular, earrings that you can combine differently from each other, flamboyant ear cuffs, geometric shapes that we also prefer, colorful brooches, huge bracelets with natural stones, flamboyant collars decorated with leather and stones, necklaces with chains extending to the navel are among the indispensables of this season.