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Lucky Culture

Cluster Bracelet

Cluster Bracelet

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The cluster pendant and bracelet are designed with inspiration from the Aegean breezes and Dionysian mythology and produced using traditional methods in the Grand Bazaar.

24k micron gold plated sterling silver.


Comes with its collection card.

Grand Bazaar Treasures

A fine choice of jewelry, crafted by the hands of the oldest traditional artisans in Grand Bazaar.

Representing the simple, ancient and raw hand labor, every piece you buy from this collection will make a small contribution to the art of hand made jewelry, which is passed from the master to the apprentice, and currently faces extinction due to mass manufacturing.

Lucky Culture Guarantee

Warranty Coverage

Your products are guaranteed against any faults caused by production for a period of 3 months.

In order to start the renovation and maintenance processes, you must apply to our stores with all the documents given to you during the purchase of the product.

For products purchased from our website, just send an email to by specifying the order number. We will return as soon as possible.

Please read the Care Label to ensure that the products you purchased have a longer life.

Repair Time:

In accordance with the provisions of the Law No. 6502 on Consumer Protection, the maximum repair period of the products covered by the warranty is 30 work days.

After the repair process is completed, necessary information will be provided by phone or email address you have specified.

Repair Procedures Included in the Warranty for 3 months with the Lucky Culture Warranty:

In order for the Lucky Culture warranty to continue, third parties and institutions must not interfere with the products in any way.

If product is misused or accidentally broken or damaged, the product is out of warranty.

In order for the repair to be carried out, it must be possible to make the product back to its original form.


Lucky Culture renews the plating of the products free of charge for 3 months under warranty.

In cases where the warranty period has passed, the product can be taken into paid maintenance if it is possible to replace it after it has been inspected.

Broken Chains:

Chains that are broken or damaged as a result of impact or snagging are not covered by the warranty.

The products, which are disconnected from welding or junction due to manufacturer defects, are repaired free of charge with a Lucky Culture Warranty for 6 months.

Stone or Enamel Drop:

In possible cases, the product is examined, if a manufacturing defect is detected, the product will be repaired or replaced within the scope of warranty.

If damage is a result of impact or compression, the product will be out of warranty. However, after the Lucky Culture employee receives approval from the workshop, paid repair can be arranged.

Discontinued Products:

Renovation of the products, which are discontinued, can only be done when spare parts are available. In such cases, the Lucky Culture employee initiates the renovation after receiving approval from the workshop.

Vintage and One of a Kind Products:

Renovation of our renewed vintage products, will only start after the approval from the workshop by the Lucky Culture employee. In the event that the pieces of the products are broken, the stones fall or get lost, a similar piece or stone might be used with the approval of the customer. In cases where a manufacturing defect is detected, the product will be exchanged.

Bespoke Pieces

Products produced with special request such as ring size or chain length are covered by the Lucky Culture Warranty for 3 months.

In cases where the warranty period has passed, the product can be taken into paid maintenance if modification is possible.

In case of broken pieces of products or missing stones, a similar part or stone will used with the approval of the customer. In cases where there is a problem due to production and no similar parts or stones are found, the product will be exchanged.


All shipping costs with return, exchange or repair shall need to be taken care by the customer unless a manufacturing defect is detected.


Typically our dispatch times (depending on the jewelry item you ordered) are within 2 days.

Shipping price is 59 TL for Turkey.

Purchases over 2500 TL, the shipping is free.

For international shipping please get in touch with us.

After your goods are delivered to the shipping provider, the tracking number will be forwarded via mail and sms.

Exchange and return cases the shipping belongs to the customer.

If you have any questions or concerns about the shipment, please send an email to before ordering any products, so we can figure the best way out.


Exchange and Returns

As Lucky Culture, we want you to be satisfied with the products you have purchased!

In accordance with the Consumer Protection Law, you can return or replace your products that you have purchased within 14 days of receipt. There is no return or exchange of used, custom made or sample sale products.

Piercings are not eligible for returns because of hygienic reasons.

Return Process:

Email with your order number and our customer service team will get in touch. Please note that the customer is responsible for all shipping costs (both of the original purchase and return process), and shipping fees are not refundable.

After your return is confirmed, the amount of your purchase will be credited to the credit card or bank account you use, deducting the shipping charge. The return date may vary depending on the applications of the bank you work with.

Exchange Procedure:

Exchanges are only available through our physical stores, not through our website, and they must be arranged in advance. Email to and our customer service team will reach out and arrange the store exchange.

For full details of our return and exchange procedures get in touch with customer service.

Care Label

With Lucky Culture Warranty your jewelry is protected from the original date of purchase by 3 months for damage caused by manufacturing defects. For detailed information, please read the Warranty section.

Care Tips For Using Your Lucky Culture Jewelry For A Long Time:

Store your products in their original boxes or in air-tight boxes or pouches specially made for jewelry.

Keep your products away from cosmetics, perfume and chemicals.

Do not store them in direct sunlight, especially in a humid and damp environment such as a bathroom.

Take off your jewelry while swimming and taking a shower.

Take off your jewelry during physical activities, cleaning or cooking.

The Plating

As Lucky Culture, we apply the highest quality micron coatings with the latest technologies on 925 sterling silver. However, we cannot guarantee that gold-plated jewelry will remain the same color forever. Gold plated pieces are, by default, liable to lose their color over time. The speed at which the plating fades depends on many variables, such as the natural PH ratio of your skin, the level of perspiration, or the skin care products you use. Therefore, it is important to pay particular attention to your gold plated jewelry.

If your products started to lose their plating before you expected, you can contact us by sending an e-mail to We will get back to you as soon as possible.


All Lucky Culture products are coated with a special protection against tarnishing, yet it is still important to follow the care instructions.

The contact of your jewelry with air can result with tarnishing over time. Sulfide layer formation is a natural process and it is a natural reaction that occurs as a result of the combination of silver with sulfur in the air. The tarnishing situation has nothing to do with the quality of the material. In such cases, we recommend wiping your jewelry with a silver cloth only when you see it necessary. In intensive use, polish on the cloth can remove the coating of your products. Silver is the most precious metal after gold. Although it changes color as a result of natural reaction over time, it can always be polished and restored.

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The dragon is believed to bring good luck in Chinese culture. It is seen as a symbol of power and creativity.

  • Unconditional Returns

    As Lucky Culture, we want you to be satisfied with the products you purchase! You can return them unconditionally within 14 days.

  • The Lucky Guarantee

    All Lucky Culture products are guaranteed for 3 months against any defects caused by production. For detailed information, please read the Warranty section.