Care Label

With Lucky Culture Warranty your jewelry is protected from the original date of purchase by 3 months for damage caused by manufacturing defects. For detailed information, please read the Warranty section.

Care Tips For Using Your Lucky Culture Jewelry For A Long Time:

Store your products in their original boxes or in air-tight boxes or pouches specially made for jewelry.

Keep your products away from cosmetics, perfume and chemicals.

Do not store them in direct sunlight, especially in a humid and damp environment such as a bathroom.

Take off your jewelry while swimming and taking a shower.

Take off your jewelry during physical activities, cleaning or cooking.

The Plating

As Lucky Culture, we apply the highest quality micron coatings with the latest technologies on 925 sterling silver. However, we cannot guarantee that gold-plated jewelry will remain the same color forever. Gold plated pieces are, by default, liable to lose their color over time. The speed at which the plating fades depends on many variables, such as the natural PH ratio of your skin, the level of perspiration, or the skin care products you use. Therefore, it is important to pay particular attention to your gold plated jewelry.

If your products started to lose their plating before you expected, you can contact us by sending an e-mail to We will get back to you as soon as possible.


All Lucky Culture products are coated with a special protection against tarnishing, yet it is still important to follow the care instructions.

The contact of your jewelry with air can result with tarnishing over time. Sulfide layer formation is a natural process and it is a natural reaction that occurs as a result of the combination of silver with sulfur in the air. The tarnishing situation has nothing to do with the quality of the material. In such cases, we recommend wiping your jewelry with a silver cloth only when you see it necessary. In intensive use, polish on the cloth can remove the coating of your products. Silver is the most precious metal after gold. Although it changes color as a result of natural reaction over time, it can always be polished and restored.